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Seasides Ragusa province


Punta Castellazzo
Beach Coordinate 36.696575,14.990193.Once parked if You  follow the path along the beach there is an hidden beach quite nice.

Punta Ciriga
Beach/Rocks Cooridnate 36.693601,14.969208

Marina di Marza
Beach Coordinate 36.694372,14.967118

Santa Maria del Focallo
        Beach SP 67 .Coordinate 36.726403, 14.906873

Rio Favara

Coastal Village & Beach Lungomare Pietre Nere Coordinate 36.729269, 14.850905

This beach is 30km from Ragusa, looking out onto the sea and with splendid Mediterranean scrub behind it, where carob trees dominate the landscape. The beaches are truly wonderful, the water is crystal-clear and the landscape is historically and culturally interesting.

Marina di Modica  
Coastal Village & Beach.Piazza Mediterraeno Coordinate 36.711820, 14.775996

This place is beautiful at any time of year, with its milder climate compared to the city. The bay of Marina di Modica is considered by many a little paradise for surfers and windsurfers, because it has a perfect exposure to the winds which apart from aiding surfing is refreshingly charming during the summer.
Spiaggia del Maganuco is nice beach next to the village

Pisciotto Beach
Beach,SP66  Coordinate 36.721012,14.739068

East of Sampieri Pisciotto Beach is one of most beautiful beaches of Ragusa province.


        Fishing Village & Beach 36.721374,14.740038

The Sampieri is small village which is notable for its beautiful beach. The entire village looks attractive as it looks romantically towards the azure waters of the sea and the golden sands reflecting the tranquillity of the entire surroundings.

Cava D'aliga
Coastal Village/Beach Via Frine Coordinate 36.728177,14.685318

Fishing Village & Beach.Access: Via Luigi Pirandello Coordinate 36.763513,14.634740
Interesting the daily fish market in the morning.

Playa Grande
Beach Coordinate 36.770108,14.608585

Irminio River
Natural Reserve Beach Coordinate 36.778666,14.593071,For more info click Here

Marina di Ragusa

Coastal Village & Beach Coordinate 36.782066,14.559523

Marina di Ragusa is famous seaside resort and is busy in winter and in summer. There are long beaches with golden sand, where you can find restaurants and clubs that are popular with both the tourists and the locals.

Beach Lungomare Anticaglie Coordinate 36.787768,14.510160

Punta Secca
Fishing Village & Beach Corso Aldo Moro Coordinate 36.788107,14.493137
The house at Corso Aldo Moro 44 is the set of an Italian famous TV Serial "Il Commissario Montalbano" .

Punta Braccetto
        Beach Via dei Canalotti.Coordinate 36.815462, 14.468292

Riserva Randello
Natural Reserve Beach.From SP 85 Access 1 Coordinate 36.841328, 14.460302. From Punta Braccetto Access 2 Coordinate 36.824698, 14.460389 Oasi of sea sand and sun , in low season it is really fantastic.

Beach Access 1 From Sp 85 Coordinate 36.859626,14.450644; Access 2 from SP 102 (next to the Museum , the path beside Bus Parking) Coordinate access 36.871357,14.449125 (This access, nearest to Kamarina Ancient place, might be closed).Interesting to lay and swimm in place full of story , here  2000 years ago Sicelioti where living fighting dying .

Fishing Village & Beach Access Piazza Sorelle Arduino Coordinate 36.891702,14.428851
Every day local fresh fish at fish market.

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